Work In Progress

Updated April 5, 2019

Along the research journey— when I was surveying black women about their friendship experiences, as I handed out my business cards with small talk and a friendly smile, and as I interviewed more black women who generously shared their friendships stories— I was terrified the entire time.

I was tackling the book writing process for the first time in my life!

I underestimated how long the research and actual writing would take. And in my eagerness to please all those who had expressed interest, coupled with my deeply rooted insecurities, I told people the book would be done in a year. Well I was wrong. Book writing does not happen that quickly, especially for someone who has never written a book.

Now that the completion of this manuscript is nearer to its finish, I understand the importance of keeping my lips zipped about when the book might be published. There are simply too many layers in book writing and the publishing process to predict accurate dates to the blog reading audience.

I leave you with this: I am very excited about all the work which has gone into the book thus far, even if it has been as hard AF. And I am going to be thrilled when I am finally able to share this book with  you and the rest of the world. Thank you so much for hanging in here with me, patiently waiting for this book. It’s coming. I can’t say when, but it definitely is.

When it is done and available for purchase, it will be front page news on this blog. 

Keep shining your light!


Maria ❤







Updated 9/9/2018

Hello Friends,

This is the LAST update I plan on writing on this page. The next time you hear about the black women’s friendship book and/or other of my works in progress it’ll be because there was an official announcement about it on my blog. The December goal for publishing the friendship book is not happening. Book writing takes time, it’s that simple.

No more updates. This is my life, my process, no further explanations are needed.

When I first created this WIP page a year ago, my self-esteem and feelings of self-worth were in the toilet. I have since grown to fully embrace and accept mySelf, thanks to an intentional self-love and creative development journey. Meditation and inspiration brought me face to face with the best versions of me. No longer am I driven by the obsessive need to ask permission or apologize for taking up space in the writing world. I know exactly who I Am.

Thank you for following along on my creative journey.




Updated 7/9/2018

Hello Friends!

It’s all writing, every weekday. I have a new goal date for completion of the book: December 2018. Fingers crossed, hopefully it’s done by then.

Once transcribing was over with back in February, podcasting came along. Along with podcasting comes occasional public speaking commitments. Have you seen the post I wrote about how hard the actual writing of a book is, especially for a first timer like me? You might want to read it for more insight into the process.

Keep sending prayers, light and love! You’re beautiful and awesome to check on me and root for me too. Love you much!




Updated 2/1/2018

Hello Friends!

I continue in my work of bringing the black women’s friendship book to fruition. I underestimated how labor intensive the transcribing of interview audio for so many  would be. I spent numerous days in January working on this. And I am still transcribing.

But transcribing has also been a wonderful blessing. I get to sit in each interview again and listen without distractions. I get to learn from so many wise and beautiful women with big hearts, hearts open enough to share their life lessons with the world. What a gift each of you have been to this project!

I write every single day. But the writing is not always specific to the friendship book. That’s all I can tell you about that for now. Am I on track for completing this book in August as planned? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll need a few more months of writing before I can really say.

Thanks for checking in! If you are a prayer, please keep this book and me in your praying. I am also keen on receiving light, love and positive vibes, so send that too. To you and all the other beautiful people, I send you my love and thanks.




Updated 11/29/17

Thirty-two women have been interviewed. Two hundred and twenty surveys are completed. I continue in soliciting for and gathering survey data. In the meantime, I am WRITING my little heart out. And will be writing for the foreseeable future. Send good vibes, loving energy, and prayers. Thank you, beautiful community! 🙂




Updated 9/24/17

Twelve individuals have been interviewed as of today and another twenty-five are booked to sit down and talk with me over the next two months. One hundred and seventy (170) surveys have been completed and many more are still left to be done.

In between entering survey data on spreadsheets and transcribing audio of interviews, I am scheduling appointments, meeting with interviewees and also getting my writing done. The plan is to be done with surveys and interviews so I can be completely focused on writing by the end of November.

If you are reading my blog for the first time I suggest you start with these links:

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If you’re bored and happen to find yourself tumbling down the internet rabbit hole, come check me out on Twitter @MyVoiceOnWings

That’s all for now! Send me good vibes and energy, friends– I need it! 😉




Updated 8/23/17

I am still conducting surveys. I need to collect a few hundred, so this takes time. I’ve traveled to a few cities in Northeastern Pennsylvania and a few cities in New York. I’ll be in Philadelphia next week. Scheduled interviews will begin on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 and will continue throughout September, October and part of November.

Meeting with all of you has been outstanding! You all have so much wonderful  knowledge and I’m learning a lot from you. I am loving all of our conversations, be they brief or long exchanges. It’s also a lot of work, so please be patient with me. If you are an interview candidate who backed out and you change your mind about being interviewed, send me an email so we can re-schedule.




Updated 7/14/17


Welcome to my blog, new friend. If you are among the many beautiful women sharing in this book journey by completing the survey and/or sharing your story through interviews, you’re in the right place! I am honored to make your acquaintance again.

This blog is completely separate from the book project. But I am pleased to have you stop by for a visit here. You can read more about the content of the blog in the About section (click tab at upper-right corner of the page).

As for the Work In Progress, you won’t see much information about it on the blog itself. It’s too early to give details, but tune in to this page every few months for updates. This page was created especially for YOU, as a way to thank you for taking the time to talk with me and sharing some of your experiences. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

In the meantime, you are welcome to check out my blog. After being a blogger for almost nine years, this blog is the last one standing and it is the most precious to me. I have blogged about politics, books, recipes, television and more. But here, I am more introspective, more soul searching and more soul baring. Writing here has given me to the courage I was sorely lacking to begin this particular Work In Progress.

Are you ready? Well alrighty then, let’s do something great together, friends! 🙂