Go Coco! Goooo!!!

We see you! We love you! Woooo-hoooooo!!!!! 😀 Coco Gauff– coming in HOTTT!!– USTA’s newest tennis sensation, fifteen years old, and taking Wimbledon by storm, like right now– July 6, 2019! 😀 Big ups and fist bumps to her justifiably proud mom and dad!   Go beautiful family, go!! ❤ Wimbledon 2019

New Podcast Episode – 053 A Writer’s Life in Real-Time

Ohhh …. how I have sooo missed it here. Life. It has been life, life and more life, unfolding. And I have slid and bounced all along the folds and edges of it, sometimes barely hanging on. I have been helpless to its meanderings, the slow, bittersweet, undulating of it all. Nothing is going as…

What Kind of Sexy Am I?

Do I think I’m sexy? Have I ever oozed sex appeal? At what point did I begin to really strut my stuff?  It’s funny how so many of us women will look at each other and immediately jump to conclusions. Oh, I don’t like her. Oh, she’s definitely drama. Oh, she thinks she’s hot shit….

On Becoming Maria, The Blog is Two Years Old!

For a moment there I was worried. I wondered if the blog was falling into a pattern of frequent milestone postings. I looked at the essay below and I wondered. And then I said, so fuckin what? Cut it out, Maria. Cuz this is what you do, pouring your guts out on the page and…