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Maria E. Archer

Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host

Imagine a NEW LIFE TOGETHER where we begin to see each other in new and loving ways.

What if you’ve been living life on auto-pilot for so long you forgot how to fly?

What if all the choices you’ve been making weren’t thought of by you?

What if some of your beliefs are holding you back?

What if angel-friends are knocking on a door you forgot how to open?

My Story:

A Survivor of childhood sexual abuse & violence, a functional alcoholic for 25 plus years and sober alcoholic for the last eight years. For seven of those sober years I was a workplace zombie, punching the nine to five clock because a private office gig with benefits seemed safely alluring …. until it didn’t. The year I turned fifty it occurred to me that the office job— safe in its rarely stimulating routines— was draining all the life out of me. Thankfully, a little bit of family drama and PTSD triggering woke me up. I’m a mom, a wife and a sober alcoholic who forgot that once upon a time she was also a writer before all the other roles.

I am on a creative sojourn 

and would love to have 

your gathering 

be my next stop.


What I can offer as the speaker at your next event:

  • Love Language lessons— I will teach you how to reconnect to the love language we all regularly spoke as children. I will explain to you why it’s a matter of urgency to the progress of humanity that we reconnect with this language.
  • Open-hearted Living— I will lead you in discussions on how we are living our day to day compared to what’s beautifully possible.
  • Each One Teach One— I will lead you in an exploration of wisdom we each carry through stories we share and I will show you how you can take it back to your love circles of family and friends for further expansion and sharing. 
  • Stepping Out From Under the Umbrella and Into the Rain— I will show you how to step out from the rigidity of the patriarchal paradigm and step into the fun of getting wet with the rain of your own ideas.



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