America, A Problem to Puzzle Through

On second thought, I do have something more to say. Because there is a need for a record, a kind of accounting of all these becomings, unfolding into newer versions of Maria, reconciling parts of old me with new me. I have captured numerous of my changes in private journals and notes for future publications….

When the Rubber Meets the Road

There comes a time in every writer’s life when she must clear her dedicated writing time of all superfluous, distracting things and of all the people, no matter how much she loves them. And when that time comes, especially for the uninitiated, she shall surely resist, not unlike the ways in which I, myself recoiled….

Book Writing – Masochism & Shout Out to Angels

I got to a point in the book writing where I said, why in fucktown did I ever begin this mammoth soul crushing work? What the hell was I thinking? Clearly, this book writing life held within its encompassing tentacles the makings of masochism— self-inducing pain, head banging, nerve rattling, oh just fuckin shoot me…

Writing & Living, But No Blogging

I give up. I keep trying to come here, but I can’t. So I give up. I’m not giving up on the blog. I’m just giving up on posting a thought-provoking essay for now. I tried. Twice. Yesterday I wrote one that was 950 words. But I decided to sleep on it, see if I…