Hey, it’s you …. welcome. Maybe you met me once,  know me well or maybe we’ve never met. Whatever the case, I’m really happy to see you here.

I am an alcoholic who has been sober for eight years. I was molested and raped repeatedly throughout childhood by my biological father. I used to be intensely ashamed of that fact until I learned that Shame is a liar and a cheater. My parents were merely hurt people who happened to also hurt their own children. They taught me how to be and how not to be. For much of my life I pretended to be so many things I wasn’t, until I lost track of who I really was. Becoming sober has brought me clarity and I am in the process of reassembling all the broken pieces, discovering who I am without the hate in my heart, without a brain soaked in alcohol, and without Shame robbing me of anymore time. I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am an aunt, I am a cousin— and yet I have been a performer in each of these roles for most of my life. This is my journey on becoming Maria, the whole person— mind, body and soul. Here, I am documenting one woman’s journey as she stops pretending at life and really begins to live life on her own terms.

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After all these years, after being lost in the world for so long, this is the unfolding of my truest self. I might not get it all down on this blog, but here I will record segments of the journey as I become the girl and the woman known to loved ones as Maria.