New Podcast Episode-58: GOODBYE 2019

I went to considerable lengths to record this podcast episode. You’ll have to tune in to understand what I mean by that. The latest episode of If Not Now, When? {GOODBYE 2019, episode 58} is available to listen to on iTunes, Libsyn or Spotify.

In the meantime—HOLY SHIT!—the decade is almost OVERRR!! How cool is that?!


Here I still am—mid-holiday season—blogging, podcasting, writing. Somehow I have managed to still get my creative work done, in the midst of holiday reveling, surrounded by some of my most significant Love-people. 

Sadly, I can not linger here too long. I am only popping in because I love you. And before this year officially ends, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your being here with me in 2019. We traversed this creative road together—you and I—as I found steadier writing legs and also as I spread my creative wings to soar a little further each day in this beautiful and sometimes ugly (AF) Life. I bow to you, my friend, with much gratitude and a full heart. Thanks so much!


Although, I began the podcast journey as a reluctant participant, I am reluctant NO MORE. Back in February 2018 when I recorded the first episode, I barely knew what I was doing with the podcast. I was learning on the fly, in front of the listening audience. But I managed to find my footing there too. Come with! If you haven’t joined me there yet, tune in and see what you have been missing. 

We all have so many sides to us. None of us is ever completely what meets the eye, we are each so much more. I discovered more about myself through podcasting. 2019 was the year that podcasting grabbed a firmer hold and took me deeper into myself. And now, here we are, getting ready to say goodbye to the old year, preparing for a new one.

This is it friend! 2019 is almost over. I have no regrets. Even the fucked up and heart-breaking shit turned out to be good for me. 2019 was a blast!

I will see you in the new year: 2020. I plan on making my 2020 year even better than my 2019 year was! And that is saying a lot because I really loved 2019. 

Happy end of decade to you, friend! Sending you a shoulder shimmy, a twerk and fist bump!! Keep living your best life!