New Podcast Episode – 053 A Writer’s Life in Real-Time

Ohhh …. how I have sooo missed it here.


It has been life, life and more life, unfolding. And I have slid and bounced all along the folds and edges of it, sometimes barely hanging on. I have been helpless to its meanderings, the slow, bittersweet, undulating of it all.

Nothing is going as I originally planned. And yet, this is a good thing because what the fuck did I know? I knew what the world told me I should know. Ha! Lucky for us all, nowadays, I know a lot more than I was ever meant to know, thank Goddess.

I am but a perpetual girl, admittedly in a new life as one who is finally in the true throes of becoming a woman, not the biologically grown she-puppet, shaped by expectations and a fickle world, but the REAL woman, the one known only to ME.

Yeah, her.

The best kept secret is, each of us are ever-changing, ever-growing, into our more brilliant and beautiful selves. If we are willing to put a pin into (hit the pause button on this!) all the shy, humble and modest behavior we have been programmed to conduct our lives in, the possibilities of who we can become are endless.

I have been doing this. But it is not always smooth, nor is it always easy, as my recent absence from the blog mildly indicates.

This is another one of those posts-before-The-Post(s). Yet, be advised, there is nothing earth-shattering ahead. Just more blogging fare. I will be back here soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy another slice of my heart on the latest episode of the podcast, A Writer’s Life in Real-Time.  You can listen to it on iTunes or on my Libsyn homepage.

I love you! Keep shining!