New Podcast Episode – 048 – Season Two – A Sophomore Welcome

I used to squirm about coming here to point readers to new episodes of the podcast. Podcasting was wayyy outside my comfort zone. I did it because my heart repeatedly told me it was an important part of my creative journey. 

I also did it because my business coach insisted it was necessary. 


Last year, during season one, in my newness as a podcaster, I felt like a salesperson selling water to the ocean. I used to have thoughts like, Who cares about what you have to say?! Zip it, Maria! Sheesh!

The negative chatter in my head was often hateful and relentless.

But I kept showing up to the mic and hitting record anyway. I was determined. I refused to back down from my darker side, she who is the dark, beautiful and talented sorceress, gifted in her own right, but also possessing a penchant for mischief, self-loathing and shenanigans, never too shy to hurt my feelings. 

Thankfully, I refused to give up on podcasting, even if it sometimes felt like I was flailing in the deep end without a lifejacket. 

Well it’s a new year, new season, and it’s a brand NEW ME. I have changed. Come check me out. In this new season as a podcasting sophomore, I am bringing forward more dream-chasing life lessons. If you have ever thought about making a change to a particular area of your life, you will definitely want to give my podcast a listen. If you are thinking of trying anything unprecedented in your life, If Not Now, When? is the podcast for you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

See you in the audio world!