When the Rubber Meets the Road

There comes a time in every writer’s life when she must clear her dedicated writing time of all superfluous, distracting things and of all the people, no matter how much she loves them. And when that time comes, especially for the uninitiated, she shall surely resist, not unlike the ways in which I, myself recoiled. Fear. Protests. Excuses. Delay tactics.

Noooooooo!! Wait wait wait! It’s too soon, I went to a new level barely a month ago. This zone, this zone is still uncomfortable. I haven’t found my footing here yet. Don’t you see? I can’t possibly be ready for a different one. Uh oh …. wait, you feel that? I think it’s my stomach, it kind of hurts. Do I feel warm? Touch me, angels. Don’t I feel warm to you? And I’m tired, so tired. Not enough sleep. And it’s cold out. I’m hungry. And now it’s raining. I can’t find my lucky pen. Shit. I might have to make a Staples’ run. The sun’s out and so bright! Kind of warm for December, don’t you think? I don’t know, new levels of discomfort need the right kinds of temperature, right? Wait, did I brush my teeth this morning? I should brush them just in case. I should be backing up files. Wait, let me do that first. Please don’t make me focus more. Another level up? Shit. I don’t think I’m ready. 

And so it went. 

And now, I have come much too far to turn back now. Book writing and nothing else. 

IMG_9138I won’t be back here until my book is done. Thank you for your loving presence and your loyal readership. See you in 2019!

I love you, friend. Your reading has continually  spurred me on along this blogging journey. Have a safe and Happy New Year!