New Podcast Episode – 045 My Podcast Journey: Looking Back

How and why I began podcasting. Hear details about this creative journey that I had not felt brave enough to share until now. What quitting the day job revealed to me about who I thought I was. An FML moment for sure.


Podcasting became an extension of my blog and another facet for recording the creative journey. As with blogging transparently about select areas of my life, podcasting was something I felt compelled to do, albeit hesitantly at first. But I have been on a mission to face my Fears no matter what shape they take. In particular, I continue to come against Shame, friend and foe to us all. And I am thankful to Shame for teaching me how to fight.

Facing Fear and Shame has revealed Truth as an under-utilized superpower. As I recorded today’s episode, I had to take a couple of deep breaths because writing the truth, I have found, is slightly less daunting than speaking the truth.

And yet, whether I am writing my truth here or speaking it out loud on the podcast, I am always amazed at how empowered I feel once it is out in the air. We are each more powerful when we shed light on the secrets we have been taught to keep locked in our vaults of Shame.

And these vaults, they are so deep and wide, they tend to hold much more than we know, hiding things we may have even forgotten were buried with us. And as they hold the secrets, they hold our Shame, and as they hold our Shame, they hold us, consequently keeping us locked in a mental prison of our own design.

You are welcome to hear some of my recently vaulted content by tuning in to podcast episode 45 here or here.


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