New Podcast Episode – 037 The Closing Window

How pursuing my dreams as an older woman makes me feel like windows of opportunity might be closing. Being worried about racing against the clock and running out of time.


The aging process is full of tricks and surprises. Aside from all the fun physical changes, there are also the mental mind bends as one adjusts to getting older. Oh sure, it was fun to wake up at age fifty and decide to finally pursue the dreams which I had put on hold for more than two decades. What I failed to realize is, parts of my brain would become uncooperative in this youthful endeavor.

Like an old dog trying to learn new tricks, I would be met with a little resistance from the complacent side of myself. And then the resistance would freak me out and make me think that I might actually die before my dreams come true.

Tune in to episode 37, The Closing Window, to hear more.



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