New Podcast Episode – 032 Rough Around the Edges

The cool thing about this creative journey is I get to have regularly scheduled reviews on what I am learning about mySelf.

For most of my adult life I had grown accustomed to living out my days in compartmentalized Selves. From Monday to Wednesday I usually showed up to work as Monday-Morning Maria, who was reserved and a little stiff in demeanor; Thursday Maria was a little more chill and talkative;  and by the end of the week I was Friday Maria. Friday Maria was giddy, full of jokes and she loved life. Friday Maria looked a whole hell of a lot like Two-Days-Left-Until-Vacay Maria.

And then of course there was also Weekend Maria, Mommy Maria, Sex-Kitten Maria (hey babe!), Perfectly-Happy-Smily-Apologize-For-Breathing Maria and Violent-Fantasy-Life-Without-Alcohol-In-A-Shitty-World Maria. Oh! So many personas used to live inside my head. Some of them are gone for good, some are in hibernation, and some are collaborators in running the Maria show all day, every day.

Today I get to show up as my whole self. Whew! It feels good not to have to live life in pieces and slices anymore. Of course there will always be days when only certain characters of my Maria entourage are required while the uninvited others stay home. But it’s so much easier to manage myself when all sides get to show up and breathe without feeling ashamed.

Today’s podcast is about the continued reckoning and reconciling with a few of my personas. I go down memory lane– reminiscing about my blogging days while active in alcoholism, recount triggering episodes among old friends, pay homage to my Brooklyn roots, and more. If you don’t like potty mouth, you might want to stop listening around the 14 minute mark. You can listen to episode 32 here or here.

Enjoy the episode!


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