New Podcast Episode – 028 The Untangling of a Life

I am pleasantly shocked with how much I have changed on this creative journey. The opening remarks in this particular episode embody a little of my newfound bravery. Huzzah!

In AA we learned to take stock of our lives by making an inventory of our choices. It was an important look at where we had been in order to understand where we were going. The truth is, many of us have already been doing this important work with our lives. Some call it soul-searching, others call it going out into the world to find ourselves. Sadly, some of us have never even tried to take the long, hard look needed to improve our lives.

I call my hard look a creative journey.

These blog posts and podcast episodes are personal journals, accounts of how I have been waking up from a life of unworthy feelings. I am recording my own transformation in a world which tells us, don’t try because you can’t; don’t try because you are not enough of something; and don’t try because only the best and chosen among us should thrive.

On this podcast episode I share a little of my untangling process, revealing how locked down my mind once was due to limiting self beliefs inspired by patriarchal design (no matter your gender or race, the patriarchy hurts all of us). You can listen to it here or here.

Your story is just as unique and important to this world as precious metals have been to human progress. Even if you’re already sharing components of your talented self, you still have so much more to offer. Keep digging into your own brilliance and applying it to whatever you’re bringing to the table! In this human school of life, we need all hands on deck.




UPDATE (6/24/18): There were some technical bloopers on this episode which I overlooked as I rushed to publish. Good times. Corrections have since been made. Apparently, I’m still dusting off cobwebs and re-learning how to podcast after my not so brief absence. Whew! Thanks for your understanding 🙂

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