Unpacking A Little Shame

I have a few pithy notes to share in this short post. 


In my life, I have made some choices of which I’m not proud. A few of them involved being a follower instead of a leader for much of my existence. Once upon a time, I was a sell-out to black people, a sell-out to my younger sister, and the worse sell-out offense of them all— I was a sell-out to myself. I’m not that kind of person any longer and that’s as much as I care to share on this topic on the blog today. If you’d like to hear more details from my days as a sell-out go here or here and check out Episode 26 on the podcast: The Reckoning Continues: Unpacking My Shame.


After falling into a severe funk two weeks ago, Hubby made an excellent suggestion. It was the kind of suggestion that most husbands might avoid saying. But knowing me as well as he does, Hubby merely said what I needed to hear: Maybe you should start running again. So I did. And now, running is back in my life as a crucial part of my every other day, creative discipline. It is doing wonders for my productivity! Five months of not exercising had taken its toll on my creative mind. And now I’m back, newly inspired and rearing to go! Thank you, Ward!


(but not least) Our two daughters came home for a weekend visit earlier this month. It was the BEST family time we have all spent together in years! We laughed, told stories, played games and hugged …. a lot. I am a more committed believer in this  Love Journey than I was a few months ago. No more worries about perception by a few startled strangers and no more dragging my feet. LOVE is all any of us will ever need in this world, so I’m giving it. Add feminine energy to the mix, and we are all truly winning. Girl power for life!

The End.

Now go. Listen to the podcast. It’s revealing, embarrassing, and full of my heart. You’re welcome.  😉



~ Maria

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  1. I love your spirit! We are all flawed but aren’t all able to admit it. You’re dope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hand over my heart, head bowed: thank you! 🙂


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