New Podcast Episode

Last week I recorded several podcasts episodes over a two-day period. By the time I recorded the last one, I was feeling tired, loose and a little jumpy in a playful way. Along the podcasting journey so far, I have intentionally been the amateur learning the show ropes in public. I’m hoping to kindle the interest of fellow novices (with interests in all fields) who may be sitting on their own dreams. Whether you’re the dutiful employee or the homemaker, responsible student or exemplary parent, operating on autopilot has a tendency to take the bounce out of life after a while.

There are all kinds of unexplored dreams and dreamers holding them back in this world. I think it’s exciting to try some things you’ve maybe wondered about, but thought it too crazy or impossible to try. It could be teaching a dance class or catering a wedding or displaying your accumulated collection of drawings or paintings. Or it might be compiling your poems into a book or designing cool looking socks or converting soda cans into art. Our tastes are wide, varied and so inventive!

Whoever you are out there reading, maybe we can connect one of these days and you can come on the podcast show and share your imagination with the world. In the meantime, check out my latest episode and hear me loosen up finally. In the earlier shows I was tense and full of nerves. On today’s episode I let my wilder side show and I share a few of my favorite quotes from the book, You Are A Badass. And if you think that you don’t need any quotes to remind you of that fact, you might be surprised. Some of us have gotten so caught up in being proper and responsible grownups, we forget that once ago, during our more free-spirited days, we used to be rebellious teenagers.


Warning: I let it rip with the potty mouth. If you’re not a fan of potty mouth, I strongly encourage you to skip this episode.



Episode # 8 — Shadow-Self Badassery: Click Podcast Link at top of blog page for episode listings.



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