Black Panther Is A Must-See!!

Not to sound pushy, but you really need to go see Black Panther while it’s in theaters. And not just in the regular theater, you really need to pay a few extra bucks and see it in the IMAX movie theater. You will NOT be disappointed.

It’s been a few years since we saw a movie on a Saturday night when movie houses are teeming with crowds of people. We’ve lately adapted old fart tendencies and so we usually go to weekend matinees or try to catch a movie mid-week when we’re both off. But by a fluke in hubby’s weekend schedule, which made Saturday the best day for us to go out, and also due to our failing to realize that a mere half an hour is not enough lead time to buy movie tickets for a big-ticket, blockbusting movie, we were forced into choosing the Imax theater option.


It was our first Imax movie experience. Whoa!! We completely loved it! I thought for sure since the theater was sold out a few sales after us— we chose our seats from a chart— we were all going to be packed in like sardines. But no, not at all. We weren’t fighting over chair arm space at all. It was like sitting in first class on a plane. (Oh yes, coach blows. First class plane travel is a bucket list priority for sure!) Imax is fantastic!! It makes you feel like your body has been lifted into the air and you’re hovering through the movie scenes instead of sitting in the chair as you watch.

I won’t review the movie. It’s too beyond my skill level to explain. All I can tell you is, you will NOT be disappointed (unless you’re a curmudgeon— curmudgeons stare at floating lint in beautiful, warm rays of sunshine). Trust me when I tell you that this movie is a homerun on numerous levels. The actual story, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the special effects— everyone involved in bringing this movie to final production showed up with their A-game and kicked ass. I wouldn’t lead you wrong and you know this, so go see it.