I Have A Podcast Show!

Full disclosure: my emotions have been all over the place for the last few days. As I type, I am literary running on fumes because I haven’t eaten anything all day and I feel a little shaky from a teary hangover. But don’t worry, it’s all good. I needed it. As for my writing here, well, this post might be a little bit all over the place. I hope you’ll be understanding about that because I really just need to get this message out before I change my mind.

If you’re wondering what the tears were about, not a big deal really. It’s all the work I’ve been doing. I have never worked this hard in my life. And there have been times when I hit walls and felt so challenged I got frustrated with what I was producing. It takes me back to my college days when I first started writing term papers. Not fun. But it builds character. 😉

Anywayz …..

I decided to enter the podcasting arena almost two weeks ago. This creative journey that I am on has taken a turn and I am branching out, into unfamiliar territory (I’m fairly certain branching out into new territory will become a regular theme for me in 2018). I developed a podcast show called, If Not Now, When?.

Basically, it’s about an ordinary woman (yours truly) who quit her job to pursue her writing dreams. I am living the journey out loud on the podcast. Why? Because I used to be someone who searched online, desperate for stories which sounded like mine, hungry to find hope in relatable experiences, which might encourage me and spur me forward. I definitely found it in the blogging community. But it was a little more challenging to find in the podcasting world.

In the podcasting world I saw more celebrities, academics and intimidating business types than I saw regular people. And while I really enjoyed the many podcasting shows I discovered, and while I felt fortunate to stumble onto a handful of ordinary-people type of podcast hosts, I wanted more. So I started my own show.

More full disclosure: my intent was to keep my podcast show a secret from you, lovely reader, until I felt secure enough in my hosting abilities to be heard by others who knew me. But I realized, that was silly. It might be months before I stop feeling like a toddler playing grownup in the podcasting arena. So I may as well invite the company of a few people who have actually demonstrated a modicum of interest in what I have to say.

For any of you podcast aficionados out there, please be patient with how novice I sound. Public speaking is a new arena for me. I’m positive I will get better with more practice. 🙂

I am linking my podcast webpage to this post, but you can also listen to me on iTunes or Spotify. Lastly, I need your support. If you like the episodes, please subscribe and leave me a rating and comment (write a review). Ratings and comments/reviews are the criteria used by iTunes to bump shows into more noticeable spots for podcast searches. So I would really appreciate your assistance in that area.

I’m blogging less these days because I’m juggling a few different creative projects. I’m still writing my non-fiction book about black women friendships. And I have another writing project which I’m not ready to talk about yet. As for my blog, even if I can only produce two or three posts a month, I plan to keep it going, I love it too much to give it up. So that’s it, friends! I hope you keep reading the blog and I hope you also join me in the podcast world, where you get to really see me in a different (more vulnerable) way.

By the way, it may look like I am posting new podcast shows everyday— I am not. I loaded the shows back to back just to get started. After episode six or seven, the shows will be posted only once per week.

Please don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and comment (write a review)! Thank you thank you thank you!!




My new podcast show link: If Not Now, When?




P.S. FYI, apparently, ratings and reviews don’t show up on iTunes right away. *sigh* :-/  Please be patient and keep them coming anyway! Thanks! ❤