Thank You WordPress Community

Writing a post which directly addresses the general blog public is always risky, I think. It always sounds like a good idea until you do it and then get birds chirping which can be interpreted as eyes rolling or crotch-grabbing or plain old yawning followed by the continued scroll through the reader feed. You just never know.

And yet, I can’t let any of that matter because ….. well, gratitude. I am so thankful to this outstanding blog community in general and WordPress members in particular. This kind of blogging for me, is a prelude, a warming up in preparation for bigger writing tasks ahead. I didn’t think too many people would care to read along this self-searching journey, but here we are.

Don’t worry, I’m not kidding myself, I know there aren’t hundreds of people popping in  over here. But for the handful of you — which is plenty more than I ever imagined — who keep taking the time to stop by and read, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Whether you’re an occasional reader or a constant reader, whether you’re here for the first time or here for the last time, you have helped me to find the courage to keep going with this blog.

I especially appreciate those of you who have gazed upon my occasional assholery and still returned to read again. I wish I could high-five or fist bump you guys for realz. But still, ALL of you reading are aces in my book. And in appreciation I’m going to do something which might make me look like a deluded sap but here goes— for this ONE post, I will leave the comments link open.

This doesn’t mean I am expecting you to comment. But just in case someone reading today has ever wanted to comment but was unable to before, here is your opportunity. I won’t even mind if the comment is negative, I’m a big girl, I can take it. We all have opinions, be they good or bad, all are welcome in my book. Besides, in the real world, none of us are going to be liked by everyone.

Ok, enough of my ramble. Thanks again for reading!


P.S. If you happen to see me bopping around on your blog, it’s not because I’m trolling for comments, I’m not. Today I have some down time and I can visit a few of my faves. There are so many, I doubt I’ll be able to read them all, but I shall try. Later gators! 🙂


  1. [ Smiles ] WordPress is mostly filled with supportive bloggers.

    And, today you got a surprise visit from a content creator over at Blogger (Me).

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    1. hey! nice to see you’re still visiting me here, renard. my very first commenter here, sweet!

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  2. Tashauna says:

    Your transparency is refreshing. I know when I’m reading your posts, they are not only going to be gritty and humorous, but they are always 100 percent real. Thank you for continously sharing with us. 😀

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    1. aww! thanks tashauna, i really appreciate you saying that. it makes bearing my soul totally worth it.

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  3. I popped in a today. Hi Maria! Love you.

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    1. heyyyy sheil! what a nice surprise! love you too.


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