Doing Virtual Cartwheels Over Here!

There’s a party going on inside my head right now! I can’t even stick around to spell it all out, I just needed to pop in here for a quick minute and record a little of this good ruckus, this Mariapalooza jamboree in full swing in my head.

This post isn’t even what I had next in line for publishing. I wrote a whole other post this morning, but now that post will just have to wait because, well …. this. When I hit publish on the Hey Lady post my inner voices attempted a coup, tried to unseat me from the helm of my own life-ship and that’s all I’m gonna say about that for now.

Today? Today life is fan-fuckin-tastic! I spent the day with a beautiful friend, my sister and fellow writer. And I am recharged and I feel like a million bucks! And I know that life is only going to keep getting better, so I’m buckling up and strapping in, cuz I am in for the ride of my life! I took a risk by bearing my soul here and it’s beginning to pay off and the angels are singing. I love love love this life!