Recording Good Moments Too

Today has been going really well. The naysayers of my mind have not been winning as I feared they would. Man oh man, those rabble-rousers had me on the ropes for long minutes last week, they were pummeling away and all I could do was keep my gloves up, protect my head and not fall on the mat. Sheesh!

I nearly believed all the negative comments echoing against the brain walls— your writing sounds dumb, all this self-disclosure is going to ruin us, starting this blog was your worst idea EVER, you suck at self-discipline, your dogs hate you, your breath smells like garbage. Oh! it was a never-ending litany of abuse and it ran the gamut.

Ahhh, but today? Today I am feeling good and strong. This morning I wrote up a favorite-things-that-happened-so-far list, reflecting on the last 72 hours, and it has lifted my spirits. Writing some of this blog content brought tears to my eyes on at least one occasion– it made me reach for the damn Kleenex! And I HATE crying. I may have been enamored of crying in my younger years, but not so much nowadays. And yet here I stand today, floating on the fumes of a writer’s catharsis, reaping unexpected caveats of hope, love and joy for my self and the rest of the world.

I have angels who root for me on the other side, on some occasions I miss their messages when the mind voices start chattering, but they are always with me, cheering for me, calling to me, whispering their hints on what I should do next.

I feel you today, angels! I’m sending you a fist bump and a high-five!

I’m in the midst of doing my hair and listening to an excellent talk episode of Beautiful Writers Podcast, but I paused it in order to come here and write this quick post. I enjoy an exhaustive list of favorite writers and during this podcast, two of them offered these pearls of wisdom which stopped me in my tracks:

When you really look at people, you fall in love with them.   — Glennon Doyle

During these last two years, I have become more friendly with strangers because I have been changing my life, one step at a time, taking more purposeful actions to be immersed in loving feelings. I’m not good with every stranger, some people are just too irritating, but I do much better in the outside world than I used to. Besides, as an artist, I have always enjoyed people-watching, therefore, nowadays I try to watch with more love and deeper understanding of our shared human condition. So yeah, I love Glennon’s quote.

Our longing is union with God and union with our truest self.   — Anne Lamott

Exactly! I believe this is why so many of us blog, searching for connection and following our hearts, hearts which connect every person, one to another, in the world.

I am facing my share of difficulties not much different from most human beings, but in this moment, and — as we like to say in AA — Just For Today, I am feeling favored and singularly blessed. In this instant, life feels pretty damn fantastic.

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